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Wednesday 09 Aug 2023
“There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven’t yet met”. Well thanks to Ireland US Experience that quote rang true and we are now forever connected!
Alan, the planning wizard/owner helped create our once in a lifetime itinerary. His patience with us was remarkable and kind of unbelievable! 😜 We had SO many emails back and forth, from two different time zones! He is someone who genuinely cares for his customers and took time to answer all of our questions! We had so many relatives to visit and places to see, he made it all happen! Everything was perfect!
Maurice, our tour guide/driver extraordinaire, is witty, kind, humorous, patient and full of fun. He genuinely got to know us all, what we liked, and taught us about Hurling and celebrated with us as we tried to play, kept us safe, while laughing the whole time! His knowledge of the whole country and his “lay of the land” (with no GPS) was impressive! He is our family now!
At the airport, Pat, one of the owners greeted us and was so kind. Every step of the way, he checked in numerous times, to make sure it was all going well. He took genuine pride in making sure we (all 15 of us) had a great time
On our last night, all three of these amazing men came out to have a drink with us, and chat! We couldn’t have asked for a better company to work with to take us on our 10 day journey. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
From your grateful 15 UPSTATE New Yorkers
Friday 09 Sep 2022
It was everything you ever thought it should be- and more! The itinerary included all the best places, and then Pat, Morris and Alan went the extra mike (or kilometer!). It was the people that made it above the ordinary, and I would go back in a heartbeat. 5 star accommodations, wonderful food, and such personalized service that you think you’re being pampered by professionals- but they are simply guides that know, love, and want to share THEIR Ireland!!
Paul Westfield
Wednesday 17 Aug 2022
The entire team at Ireland US Experience are focused on making this a trip of a lifetime. Alan’s expertise made our flights and connections smooth and stress free. Pat’s flexibility and attention to detail ensured outstanding service at every stop. Maurice’s driving skill is only outdone by his knowledge and entertaining descriptions of the countryside, it’s history and it’s people. The hotel selection was outstanding and the choice of stops perfectly provided a doorway through which the real Ireland could be observed. Thank you all for an outstanding experience!
Jack Thygesen
Wednesday 17 Aug 2022

The messages that precede ours are impossible to best, nor should I, they get right to heart of it. Pat, Allen, Maurice and anyone working in the background deserve a TOPFLIGHT thank you and JOB WELL DONE our new friends. Even today, as my wife and I re live the trip, something we will be doing for a long time to come, the post about Maurice being a walking history book couldn't have been said more eloquently, and the reason I won the home to Dublin quiz. The depth of the history of Ireland is way deeper than you realize. To all of you that book a trip with Ireland USA Experience "Slainte Mhaith (Good health)." This was truly a trip of a lifetime.

Jack & Judy Thygesen Aug 2022
Sunday 14 Aug 2022
Where to start? Maurice and Pat planned and executed a fantastic 10 day trip around Ireland, filling our days with interesting facts and personal stories about their wonderful country. They gave us a taste of Ireland complete with Irish songs and words they shared when we were riding on the bus. This experience has made us wanting more on a return trip. The lovely towns, museums and the many monuments and amazing buildings dating back to 841AD were a sight to see! They took such good care of us, recommending places to eat and visit when we had free time. The hotels we stayed at were top notch and welcoming. The bus trip around Ireland could have been boring but Maurice, with his songs and jokes and facts made the time go quickly. Any little thing we needed Pat was right there to help us out. They are the Dynamic Duo. Of course, we wouldn't have arrived without Alan's superb travel arrangements for each of our 20 people from several different cities. We highly recommend booking a tour with Ireland US Experience. Quite the experience, it was! We won't go with anyone else but them.
Janet Hoose
Saturday 02 Jul 2022
This was an awesome trip. More than ever expected. The accommodations were top shelf and the trip very well planned out. I was able to see so many parts of Ireland that only the locals would know about. And traveling with locals like Pat, Alan and Maurice, was a super added bonus. We even learned about Irish Football and got to watch a game. Traveling with Maurice as tour guide was like a Frank Delany novel . He knows his history but tells it in story format which makes it so much more entertaining.
I would highly recommend that if you want to see Irland from the true insiders perspective, book with Ireland US Experience!
Wednesday 29 Jun 2022
A Very, Very, Very, Very fantastic adventure (If you take a trip with them that will make sense). Our trip was well planned and the accommodations were excellent. The history lessons throughout were great and Belfast was especially interesting. Alan, Pat, Maurice and Michael from the company all took great care of us and were fun to travel with.

We will return to Ireland and certainly will look to Ireland US Experience for our next adventure there.
Tuesday 28 Jun 2022
What a phenomenal trip June 2022. Patrick, Maurice and Alan were the best, you can tell they are experienced, but never once seemed bored. We laughed so hard our cheeks hurt on more than one occasion.

I loved everything about the trip, but especially learning the History, I remember the fighting in the 80s and 90s and am so glad we went to Belfast and learned that it wasn’t a Catholic Protestant issue which we were always told it was.

Seeing where the Titanic was built and later were it’s last stop was before sinking was quite an experience. The people of Ireland are so nice, the country is very clean, the history is fascinating and I can’t imagine anyone shows it better than these guys. Great hotels, a clean comfortable coach, and great guides.
Marcy Carty
Friday 17 Jun 2022
Just returned from my trip to Ireland a few days ago. I must say, it was the time of my life! Dave, Pat and Alan are the best!! Oh and definitely can't forget Maurice, best driver ever! Learned so much about Ireland's history just from Maurice! He's like a walking (driving) history book! The land is so beautiful and the people were so polite! I came there with a knee injury, torn meniscus and they all helped me get around as best as possible. From the Titanic Experience and the Waterford Crystal facrory, beautiful castles and lots of pubs, Irish dancing this was sure an experience of a lifetime! Thank you!
Karen Benson
Tuesday 14 Jun 2022
Absolutely the best vacation trip of our lifetime – three of us and Pat McGovern visiting the best of Ireland over the course of 11 days. We were on tiny little roads being pushed along by fairies, seeing the Ring of Kerry from the highest point to the sand on the beach, drinking Guinness in the highest pub in Ireland, the oldest pub and many more pubs along the way. Every hotel was fantastic but my favorite was Ballyseede Castle. Pat took care of us from the moment we came thru customs until it was time to give back our suitcases & head home. Fantastic trip every moment of our stay in Ireland.
Karen, Nate & Penny
Joe and Zee
Wednesday 14 Aug 2019
Hey Guys awesome trip, it far exceeded our expectations. You guys definitely made it an Experience to remember for a long time. From the great History to the incredible sights and fun times spent with everybody, we couldn't have done it on our own. We've already recommended this trip to friends and family and will continue to do so. The memories with our New Friends will be remembered forever. Thank You Alan, David, Pat and Maurice
Until we meet again SLAINTE Zee and Joe
Ginny Higgins
Tuesday 16 Jul 2019
Brilliant, 100%!!!!

What a phenomenal organization with incredible people! Professional, efficient, welcoming, funny, adaptable - you name it. Call them immediately if you are even thinking of Ireland!!!!!!!

Jim and I can not imagine EVER going to Ireland (or Wales) without them. I met with David (a fellow Community Garden member) in the states to plan our Ireland vacation. I had a full page listing all the things I wanted to do and places I wanted to visit. I also asked for small inns so we could better meet the "people". I wanted to climb Skellig Michael (I did and you should too!). Jim wanted to play golf at Ballybunion (he did with Pat and they loved it!!!).

Alan, Pat and David provided everything and more. They are amazing. Pat is now family - we were together for a month, yes every single day (even had dinner one night with Liz, his wife). And, we also traveled with Mark, another member of the family, who joined us in Wales (where he lives).

Okay, we did all the tourist things which were terrific of course. Ireland (and Wales) are magnificent. of course. We basically circled Ireland from Dublin to Rosslare and took the ferry to Wales. In addition to the cities, we went on the rural roads and stopped at small villages along the way. For example, in Cliften we happened upon a town square Guarda concert and had time to enjoy it.

We spent a week in Wales in Cardiff and the Brecon Beacons. We also met so many people and had opportunities...
Dorothy McKay
Tuesday 25 Jun 2019
Just finished a tour with Ireland Us Experience, and could not have had a better time. We explored most of the southern part of the island with our driver/guide Sean who was an absolute pro. Conscientious, witty, informative, he's a gem. Pat M. met us at the airport and genially got us right into our first tour of Dublin. Later we met Allan who had helped with the organizational part of the tour, and he was also top-notch. The planning process was so smooth, and all of our rooms/tours were excellent. We were able to adjust itinerary as we went along, which worked out very well. Even had a chance to visit one of the McGovern family's old homesteads for a lovely tea. There were 4 of us on the tour, all women, and we always felt completely safe. The van was large and comfortable, with plenty of room to spread out. A wonderful experience altogether.
Cheryl Gibbons
Monday 17 Jun 2019
This trip was fantastic. We very much enjoyed our driver Seán, felt like he was family. We did a lot every single day, and he was very flexible. Trip was well worth the cost!
Suzanne Porter
Sunday 16 Jun 2019
My sister and 2 friends went on a 13 day exertion around a large part of Ireland. Our driver, Sean was great! He was informative, witty, dependable, and always the gentleman. It was well worth it, every cent of it😀
Clay Schumann
Wednesday 26 Sep 2018
My wife and I were fortunate enough to have taken a 10-day Tour of Ireland this past July with Ireland US Experience! From the very beginning we knew that this was the best tour available in Ireland! Allan, was great in getting us booked and informing us of anything we’d need to know before the trip! Pat was our tour guide and we couldn’t have had a better guy show us around the country! He was such a gentleman with such a warm heart and he was super welcoming. It’s almost as if he became apart of our family shortly after our welcome into Ireland. It’d be very hard to not become close with Pat. He was always there to open the door and help the ladies out of the van (which he cleaned nightly, along with fueling up. So that we always had fuel and a clean van), he always opened the door in and out of establishments, he always made sure our tables were ready at restaurants and that our rooms were ready at our hotels. But he wasn’t so professional that he didn’t have a good time, quite the contrary, Pat is great fun! We enjoyed many laughs with Pat throughout our tour, some moments I will NEVER forget! With Pat as your tour guide, your trip will be full of information, stories, and many laughs!
July is a beautiful time of year in Ireland, the weather was great, almost every day of the trip! Ireland US Experience takes care of it all, from comfortable transportation to hotel accommodations, they do it right! Pat even had water and snacks for us while in the van, every...
Wendy Sanders
Tuesday 11 Sep 2018
Most amazing vacation ever. Patty “no butter” was absolutely brilliant. The food, sights, music, pubs make you feel like you never want to leave. Pat made us all feel like we were family and treated us to every adventure possible. The people were so kind and polite and the scenery was breathtaking. All of our accommodations were more than what we could have ever imagined. Everything was taken care of from start to finish and all we had to do was enjoy everything Ireland had to offer.
Joan Kavooras
Thursday 26 Jul 2018
Outstanding! The beautiful countryside, warm people and fantastic sites was more than I could have ever imagined. We started our tour with Pat McGovern as our guide and ended it as friends. Pat was so knowledgeable, as well as a joy to be around. Thank you Ireland US Experience for a trip of a lifetime!!
Saturday 12 Aug 2017
Best trip of our lives...Dave, Alan and Pat went above and beyond what I expected. Morse was a mobile history book. I can't believe how much we got to see and how much fun we had at night hanging out trying all the local beers with the gang. They even went out of their way to find some of us a place to go horseback riding while the guys went golfing. They took an ill member to the hospital and stayed with them until they were all set and then picked them back up to join us for the last day. I can't wait to go back and see the parts we missed...
Can't wait for the reunion!!!
Love you guys!
Cathy and Grace (Miss Florida Teen American Coed)
Erin Shabareck
Tuesday 25 Jul 2017
What an amazing trip. Pat, Alan, Dave and Maurice were amazing. They treated us all like family. Took us to many places that are not on an average tour. Made sure that each and everyone of us was having not a good time but an amazing time. I can't say enough how wonderful they were. We are already talking about another trip with them. If you want to travel first class, get with this company. First class all the way.
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